Robin Bray

Robin Bray is the passionate owner as well as a highly skilled, certified teacher with 25+ years experience in the fitness industry. Robin continuously works to improve her expertise in order to bring the best techniques and results to her clients. She loves the process and challenge of constant improvement. Over the past few years, Robin has completed a 60-hour advanced certification at NYC’s Exhale, a leader in the barre industry.  Robin and her teachers are dedicated to bringing a transformative experience to every class. Robin loves sharing her passion and obsession with her clients. Robin has helped hundreds reshape their minds, bodies, and lives.

History of Fitness Barre

Robin first found Barre in 1998. With already 15 years of group exercise experience, Robin fell in love with the method. Robin trained and adapted a program from the Lotte Berk method. Lotte Berk was a German dancer and original founder of Barre. The method focuses on core conditioning by fusing ballet, orthopedic stretching, Pilates, and yoga. This powerful, body-sculpting boutique barre program provides a workout and results like no other.

In 2005, Robin was one of the first in Bergen County to open her own barre studio. In 2011, she moved the studio to the Superdome Complex in Waldwick, NJ where the studio remains today.