• Master trained teacher who gives corrections and keeps the motivation high, great music and energy in class, very friendly people taking class, and lovely cool down ending with music that was a very nice contrast from the kind used for actual work out- really set the relaxing mood - finally teacher surprised me by aiding my stretch with her hands that had scented and invigorating oil on them- was a lovely surprise and sealed the deal for an all around awesome experience!
  • Professional and skilled instruction by passionate teachers. As a physical therapist, I found that the lead instructor (Robin) really understood movement, how to appropriately increase the intensity of exercises, and was sensitive to any physical limitations of her class participants. Quality administrative team. I highly recommend this facility to those looking to complement their fitness pursuits with something a little different than the usual.

    Dr. Jerry Yoo PT, DPT Next Level Sports Physical Therapy
  • The owner, Robin, never settles. She continually takes training classes to be the best teacher she can be and to make her own classes even more challenging and effective. She's passionate and encouraging and makes you want to push yourself.
  • I felt welcome and comfortable as soon as I walked in. The Instructor was pleasant and reassuring, nice warm-up, instruction for positioning for the exercise was precise and understandable. I know I had a good word out when I left. I enjoyed the exercise program and I will mention it to my friends.
    Brianna S.
  • Fantastic studio, very positive and supportive group of instructors, wonderful group to be a part of!
  • For a full-time working mom who struggles to make fitness a priority, The Fitness Barre has changed my life!  The instructors are patient and supportive while pushing your capabilities, and that delivers results.  It makes you realize how important it is to take care of your body from the inside out if you want to be fully present with your family, friends, and co-workers.  After many years of trying tapes, gyms, home equipment, and other classes this is THE ONE that works because it’s fun, inspirational and reshapes your body.  Thanks Robin for changing my life!
    Lisa K.
  • The instructors are awesome... in addition to helpful, knowledgeable, professional and kind.

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