Alison Bray

Alison has been an avid student at the Fitness Barre since attending her first class with Robin over 15 years ago.

After graduating from GWU and Boston University with degrees in Psychology and Finance, Alison continued to come to the studio regularly despite a busy work schedule. In 2011, Alison was given an opportunity to train to teach at the studio, and mentored under Robin for several months. Alison absorbed techniques and knowledge from more seasoned Fitness Barre teachers and through practice, learned how to teach in her own unique way. After completing teacher trainings in 2014 and 2015 at Exhale in NYC, she is Barre Certified by Exhale.

Alison has experienced the rewards of teaching this unique and effective method, and loves to watch students improve and become stronger. Just as the method brings constant challenges to students, Alison continues to challenge herself by keeping abreast of new techniques and practices to help connect more deeply and perfect position alignment.

Over time she has discovered that the method is effective, safe, and delivers lasting results. The commitment and determination of Fitness Barre students is always an inspiration to Alison – she knows taking a class requires focus, a will to finish, and confidence that your body can do more than you think.