Robin Bray

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Robin Bray is a certified group fitness instructor with over 20 years of experience in overall aerobics and a mother of two, one young adult daughter and teenage son.

Robin was first introduced to barre exercises over ten years ago. With already 15 years group fitness instruction under her belt, she figured why not, how challenging could it really be. Much to her surprise, the class was SO challenging, she was barely able to finish the class. Robin was in awe of this core conditioning method and the mind-body connection involved in the process and immediately realized its benefits. It wasn’t long before she became hooked, started training and in the following years eventually created her own unique program that would help hundreds of people reshape their own bodies in becoming their leanest and strongest ever.

Robin continuously develops her knowledge of core conditioning, mind-body synergy and fitness through regularly attending yoga, Pilates and core conditioning classes throughout the Tristate area. She is dedicated to giving people more than just a method of exercise, but a way to better themselves and their lives. Robin’s passion and that of her staff, their dedication, respect for the techinique, and ability to provide individual attention to every participant create a unique warm atmosphere that brings incomparable results.

Robin’s greatest reward is witnessing her clients’ bodies transform into the bodies they thought they’d never have.