Standard Group Class Package Rates

Standard Class Series

Five Series Package
Ten Series Package
Twenty Series Package
Forty Series Package
Perpetual Ten Series (series will auto renew on 10th Visit)
*Packages of 5, 10, and 20 are valid for 1 year.  *Packages of 40 are valid for 2 years **Classes are not transferable 

Unlimited Series

New Client: Unlimited Special
Monthly Unlimited
4 Month Unlimited
Barre Belle Club (1 year contract)

Private Session (one-on-one):  $100

Semi-Private Session (2-3 ppl):  $150

*Private & Semi-Private Sessions are by appointment ONLY. Please call to schedule.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonWhat equipment is used in class?

Light weights are offered to tone arms and shoulders. For other work — at the ballet barre and on the floor — body weight alone provides added resistance. There are no machines, no heavy lifting, and no high aerobic jumps, which makes this low-impact routine appropriate for people of any age and any level of fitness. As with any exercise program, check with your physician before starting at The Fitness Barre.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonWhat are the benefits of the program?

Aside from developing long, lean muscle tone and losing inches off those stubborn body areas, this precisely choreographed one hour class will significantly help in increasing your overall strength, flexibility, improve your posture, and boost your metabolism which helps you to burn fat.

Everyone benefits and improves at their own pace with much encouragement from Robin and her fellow instructors. Through the experience the touch of personal training in a group environment.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonWhat is Fitness Barre?

The Fitness Barre is a challenging, body altering experience that reshapes your body entirely. The program focuses on core conditioning fusing Pilates, yoga, strength training, and orthopedic stretching into one powerful, body sculpting routine giving you long, lean muscles, a flatter stomach, toned legs, and a high, rounded seat. In class, each muscle group is targeted systematically with small, sustained movements then stretched out to create the long muscle tone without the bulk.  increases strength and flexibility, improves posture, and boosts energy level.

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